The Centre for Army Leadership Podcast

Episode 22 - Major General Tim Hodgetts CBE QHS OStJ

November 19, 2021

In the latest episode of the CAL Podcast, we are joined by the Surgeon General, Major General Tim Hodgetts CBE QHS OStJ. General Tim is the most senior uniformed medical office within the Armed Forces and is the senior technical authority for all medical matters. In this fascinating interview, General Tim talks about the necessity of different leadership styles and how he has learned to adapt his approach and style throughout his illustrious career, depending on the context. Speaking with passion and sincerity, general Tim talks about the importance of innovation and challenge within any organisation. He quotes George Bernard Shaw by saying, "progress is only made by unreasonable people", stressing the need for disruptive innovation. General Tim tells us about his leadership lessons from his numerous deployments to Afghanistan within a field hospital, highlighting the clash and tension between military and civilian medical ethical frameworks and the leadership challenges that come with it. Finally, General Tim discusses the importance of decision-making in leadership and the tension every leader faces in balancing understanding a situation with being decisive.  

An incredible interview with a pioneer in emergency medicine. 

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