The Centre for Army Leadership Podcast

Episode 17 - Professor Jamie Shea CMG

July 29, 2021

In the latest episode of the Centre for Army Leadership Podcast, we have the privilege to speak with Professor Jamie Shea, former Deputy Assistant Secretary-General for Emerging Security Challenges at NATO. Jamie's NATO career spanned an incredible 38 years, in which time he worked his way from Assistance Committee Secretary and Minute Writer to Deputy Assistant Secretary-General. As one would expect, Jamie speaks passionately about the importance and strength of coalitions and interoperability, highlighting the benefits of diversity and of having a unifying purpose at the strategic level. He talks about the challenges of leading without authority and unpacks the concept of 'leading through diplomacy'. Jamie looks to the future in highlighting the future challenge's leaders will face in an ever-changing and increasingly complex world, highlighting the issues that NATO leaders will face, specifically in dealing with sub-threshold Article 5 activity. Finally, he speaks to us about leading in a crisis, highlighting how good leaders are comfortable making decisions with incomplete information and being comfortable with taking risks. 

An energetic and reverting interview with a man who has had a front row seat to history. 

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